Malapascua Island: The Hidden Gem of Northern Cebu

27th May 2019

Malapascua Island is one of Cebu province’s hidden paradises. This gorgeous island lies just 6.8km across a shallow strait from the northernmost tip of Cebu Island’s municipality of Daanbantayan. Malapascua Island is specifically part of the peninsular barangay of Logon, Daanbantayan town in Cebu. Although a small island (only 2.5km long and 1km wide), Malapascua has an immense reputation worthy to talk about.

Malapascua Island: The Hidden Gem of Northern Cebu
Malapascua Island: The Hidden Gem of Northern Cebu

Malapascua Island is fast becoming as one of the country’s top diving destinations. The island has fascinating multi-colored living corals, underwater shoals, white sand beach, submarine walls, diverse marine life, the best diving sites, and to top it all, the island is still unspoiled. You can find nature at its finest in Malapascua Island. Although there are some bars, hotels, restaurants, souvenir shops, budget inns, and sari-sari stores, the island is basically underdeveloped so you can witness the island in its pristine state.

Malapascua became famous just recently (the early 1990s) as an ideal dive destination. The stunning landscapes and seascapes of Malapascua, in addition to its mesmerizing marine lives, will let your mind-blown in excitement! The island is home to more than 4,000 people, most of them live off tourism, fishing, boat building, and coconut harvesting.

What to Expect in Malapascua Island Tour

This spell-binding island will make you breathless for its fascinating multi-colored corals; authentic submarine walls; awe-inspiring underwater shoals; magnificent coral gardens and coral walls; impressive rock formations; and the presence of more than a hundred species of aquatic life. Here, your group can experience to dive and explore the famed Japanese shipwreck, have an adrenaline-pumping cliff jumping, and more exciting adventures!

Malapascua Island’s underwater plateau is home to many thresher sharks and manta rays which can be regularly sighted. You will also discover that some of the best resorts on the island are enclosed among the villagers’ own home, giving it a homier ambiance. Unfortunately, there are no ATMs in the area so you might probably bring in extra cash (in Philippine Peso, by the way, as locals and establishments prefer the local currency). Most establishments don’t accept credit cards either. If they do, the charges are sometimes too much.

Highlights That You Can Enjoy in Malapascua Island


Langub Beach

Langub Beach is one of Malapascua Island’s main attractions. Here, you can frolic in the sun-studded tropics of the Malapascua Island, enjoy and explore its fantastic coral gardens, underwater shoals, submarine walls, hundreds of species of marine life in a single location, and so much more.

The island is also known for its abundance of thresher sharks and giant manta rays which could be found around the island whole year round. Moreover, the southern beaches of the island have talcum-fine white sand, a rare find on the planet. Despite its seclusion from civilization, the island has so many bars, resorts, restaurants, dive shops, souvenir shops, hotels, and other worthy places to stay.

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Logon beach

The Logon Beach Resort in Malapascua Island is a stunning beach resort with the best dive destinations in the whole Cebu province. Logon Beach also offers one of the cheapest rates among the beaches in the island. Tourists from around the world come here to witness a great ensemble of thresher sharks and manta rays near its shore. Additionally, this resort offers snorkeling, swimming, dive adventure tours (shipwrecks, coral exploration, etc.), fine dining, and other fun adventures.

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7 Best Things to do in Malapascua Island

Here are some of the most popular activities and amazing things to do in Bantayan Island:



Thresher Sharks – Photo by Simon Pierce

As one of the best dive spots in Cebu, Malapascua offers some of the most thrilling underwater features. The island’s crystal clear waters let you see thresher sharks and manta rays in their natural habitat. You can also enjoy and explore Malapascua’s fantastic coral gardens, underwater shoals, submarine walls, hundreds of species of marine life in a single location. Some of the best dive locations in the island are the Gato Island and the Monad Shoal. The Monad Shoal is also best known as the only site in the world where thresher sharks can be sighted regularly at and just before sunrise.

Manta Rays – Photo by JCP Van Uffelen

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Beach Bumming at North Beach/ Langub Beach

The beaches north of Malapascua Island are some of the best places on the island to have a terrific beach bumming activity. Langob Beach is just one of them. Here, you can frolic in the sun-studded tropics of the Malapascua Island, enjoy and explore its fantastic coral gardens, underwater shoals, submarine walls, hundreds of species of marine life in a single location, and so much more.

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Snorkeling/ Exploring the Coral Garden

Snorkeling is one of the best things to do in Malapascua. There are dive shops that rent out snorkeling gears for a very little amount. The island’s turquoise water will let you see clearly the site’s beautiful coral gardens and coral walls, and other marine lives.

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Exploring Japanese Shipwreck/Marine Sanctuary

During World War II, Malapascua was the site of fierce naval fighting between the United States and Japan. The war brought about several remnants of Japanese fighter ship in the ocean floor surrounding Malapascua. Non-divers will find these shipwrecks a great sight to behold! Some of the ships can be seen from the surfaces which are submerged ranging from 1 meter to 300 meters in depth. Also, the shipwreck spots are considered a marine sanctuary where you can find several marine lives such as the pygmy seahorse, thresher shark, whale shark, and other amazing creatures of the sea.

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Cliff Jumping

For a minimal fee, you can have an adventure of a lifetime in Malapascua Island. At the north side of the island fronting the Visayan Sea; there are cliffs that range in different heights where you can have an adrenaline-pumping cliff-jumping activity.

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Visiting Dakit-Dakit Islet

Dakit-Dakit Islet – Photo by

The Dakit-Dakit Islet is part of Malapascua Island located just about 400 meters southwest of mainland Malapascua. The islet offers wonderful coral reef, an abundance of stunning and distinct rock formations, and an ideal site for swimming and snorkeling.

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Visiting the Lighthouse

The Malapascua Lighthouse – Photo by Mr. Hwan

The Malapascua Lighthouse is located northwest of the island near Langob Beach. If you want to enjoy a breathtaking view of the sunset and the ocean, visit this adoring edifice as part of your tour. The lighthouse has solar panels above it which give its power. The lighthouse is easily accessible from the island’s hotels by walking or by hiring a habal-habal. The lighthouse also has a terrific diving site known as the Malapascua Lighthouse dive site.

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How to go to Malapascua Island from Cebu City

From Cebu City to Maya Port, Daan Bantayan, Cebu

Coming in from Cebu City, you can get to the Malapascua Island via a bus-ride or a van from Cebu City’s North Bus Terminal going to old Maya Port (in Daanbantayan town north of Cebu City). Land travel from Cebu City to Daanbantayan may take 4-5 hours.

Then, you must secure a boat ride from Maya Port to Malapascua Island (travel time is about 30 to 40 minutes). But if you want a hassle-free tour with your family or friends, Island TravelXP Tour will bring you further and farther where the adventures area in a more convenient way. This tour organizer will let you travel from Cebu City in an air-conditioned van and brings you to an amazing tour of Malapascua Island.

Best Time to Visit Malapascua

As Malapascua Island is becoming the preferred destination north of Cebu, the peak season for travelers run from December to May. During this time, the sea surrounding the island is calmer, just like other oceans in the Philippines. Be sure to book in advance with your travel agent during this time. The low season is from July to early December where it is rainy season in the country but it doesn’t usually prevent you from diving.

Where to Stay in Malapascua Island

There’s a lot of budgets, mid-range, high-end hotels, and BnBs in either of the beaches. You can book online via Agoda or you can contact IslandTravelXP Tours for a more convenient travel and stay with undisturbed adventure in Bantayan Island.

Here are the top 5 Recommended Beaches in Malapascua Island if you are planning a trip to this island paradise
1. Ocean Vida Beach & Dive Resort
2. Malapascua Exotic Island Dive & Beach Resort
3. Kokay’s Maldito Dive Resort
4. Bounty Beach Cocobana Resort
5. Slam’s Garden Resort

Kalanggaman & Malapascua Island 2D/1N Tour

Kalanggaman & Malapascua Island 2D/1N Tour

On Day 1, We will bring you to the multi-colored living corals and fascinating marine life of Malapascua, enjoy island hopping and explore its fantastic coral gardens, underwater shoals, submarine walls, hundreds of species of marine life. Exploring another well-known place in Malapascua, the Japanese Shipwreck, cliff jumping, dakit-dakit islet and langub beach. Have an overnight stay in the Island.

Day 2 is similarly exciting, Wake up call at 7am and we will go straight to the undisturbed island of Kalanggaman, witnessed firsthand its scenic beauty, the cleanliness of its shores, the crystal-clear turquoise waters, the cool breeze and the glorious sunrise and its romantic sunset. Before 3pm, we will go back to Malapascua Island and expected to arrive at 4pm. You will be leaving Malapascua Island at 4pm to Maya Port then Maya Port to Cebu City.

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