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    Bantayan Island 2D/1N Deals Tour

    Bantayan Island has one of the world’s finest beaches that can only be found off the northern coast of the great island of Cebu province. This flawless paradise is also regarded as one of the most beautiful islands in the world because of its crystal-clear ocean waters and immaculately clean shorelines and powder-like white sands.

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    Kalanggaman & Malapascua Island 2D/1N Tour

    Want to discover and explore Kalanggaman Island and Malapascua Island? You guess it right! We too are just as excited as you are, as we bring you the best destinations north of Cebu; like the undisturbed and magnificent island of Kalanggaman and the multi-colored living corals and fascinating marine life of Malapascua and other electrifying adventures only Island TravelXP Tours can deliver.

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    Kalanggaman Island Day Tour

    Want to discover and explore Kalanggaman Island? You guess it right! We too are just as excited as you are, as we bring you the undisturbed and magnificent island of Kalanggaman.

Best Thing To See & Do in Bantayan Island

  • Beach bumming in Bantayan

    Bantayan Island is a little less than one hundred square miles in size, it’s regarded as one of the most beautiful islands in the world because of its crystal clear ocean waters and an immaculately clean shoreline of powdery white sands.

  • Explore And Be Refreshed At Ogtong Cave

    Bantayan Island has so many mind-boggling caves to explore (most of them are undiscovered and unexplored). And one of these caves that is more popular among residents and tourists alike is the Ogtong Cave located in Sta. Fe.

  • Tandem Skydiving

    Tandem skydive is considered the safest, and the most fun way of enjoying the greatest adventure of skydiving. And you can enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime adrenaline rush in Bantayan Island. There are world-class instructors based on the island and you don’t need experience to fly amid the sky.

  • Virgin Island and Hilantagaan Island Hopping

    Catch one of Bantayan Island’s most sought-after islands: the rare Virgin Island located near the eastern side of the mainland of Bantayan. At this island, you can have a feast of activities that you can put on your itinerary.

  • Visiting the Omagieca Mangrove Garden

    The Omagieca Mangrove Garden is located between the towns of Sta. Fe and Bantayan at the famous Bantayan Island Cebu, where the Obo-ob Mangrove Eco Park shows how this system helps in the development of the marine life that serve as the breeding ground for several species of fish.

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El Nido 4d/3n Private Barkadahan/Family Tour

We really enjoyed Palawan. Thank you so much Island TravelXP Tours for accommodating us. Mabuti na lang nagpunta talaga nang El Nido. Nature's beauty at its best po talaga. One of the best trip. Maraming Salamat! Sa uulitin po...

Cebu Canyoneering + Kawasan Falls

So much fun! I love the tour, the guides helped me push myself further than I thought I could go. I will come back again and again.

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About Bantayan Island

If you want to explore the northern tip of Cebu, you will certainly end up in Bantayan Island, a place known for its charming sunset, centuries-old churches, fine white sand beaches, and warm and friendly locals. There are three barangays (villages) comprising this lovely island, namely; Sta. Fe, Madridejos, and Bantayan. Sta. Fe offers a wide and long stretch of fine white sand beach where there is no overcrowding.

You will be thrilled of the large saltwater lagoon in Kota Beach (or Camp Sawi), the blue skies in the Anika Island Resort, and the laid-back Budyong Beach Resort. The island has several high-end and budget resorts that’s why accommodation is not a problem. This island’s shallow but crystal clear water is a perfect swimming spot for kids and non-swimmers. The beaches are also a great place to camp and snorkel, among other water activities.

How to get there?

Don’t worry about how to get to Bantayan Island, this wonderful place has its own airfield connecting it from the Mactan- Cebu International Airport (MCIA). However, only Air Juan has chartered and scheduled flights from MCIA to Bantayan. There is no direct flight from Manila to Bantayan, you have to land first in the MCIA and travel by land from thereon to Bantayan if you are coming from Manila.

There are other routes if you want to travel by land from Cebu City or if you are coming from Masbate or Leyte. ChasingWonders.ph has a lot of options for a budget-friendly tour.

To give you an idea about the different routes in getting to Bantayan Island from various origins, here are some of the best ways.

From Cebu City to Hagnaya Port

Hagnaya Port in the town of San Remigio, Cebu, is the gateway to Bantayan Island. You can catch a bus ride going to the town of San Remigio in Cebu North Terminal going to Hagnaya Port. Expect to arrive at the port after 3 hours of traveling in a bus.

There are two ferry companies that fetch passengers from Hagnaya Port to Sta. Fe in Bantayan Island, namely: Super Shuttle Ferry and Island Shipping Lines. Ticket price for both is at P180 one way. Travel time between the port and Sta. Fe usually takes just an hour.

From Masbate City to Hagnaya Port

If you are originating from the province of Masbate, there are ferries traveling to and from Masbate City and Bogo City (Iloilo). With a travel time of 5.5 hours, the ferry fare is P460 one way. From Bogo City, you can catch a jeepney or a bus ride in the downtown terminal of the city to Hagnaya Port which will cost P60.

From Leyte (Palompon) to Bogo City then to Hagnaya Port

If you are coming from the province of Leyte, the quickest way to Bantayan Island is via the Palompon-Bogo-Hagnaya Port route. There are ferries traveling to Bogo City from Palompon which normally has a travel time of 2.5 hours. Ferry fare is about P270 for a single journey. When you reached Bogo City, you can follow the route in going to Hagnaya Port and to the Gigantes Islands as we have described above.

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