Here are just some of Cebu's terrific getaways and what you could do while you are in Cebu:

  • 10,000 pink Aseret flowers in Cansaloay, Oslob, Cebu

    Take a Look: A netizen found a flower garden paradise in Cansaloay, Oslob, Cebu
    One of our readers, Washa Mae Ukay Ukay, recently visited the 10,000 pink Aseret flowers in Rainy Flower Farm in Brgy. Cansaloay, Oslob, Cebu.

  • A Basketball-themed Beach Resort in Tabuelan Cebu

    Indulge in a terrific getaway just a few hours away from Cebu City. More netizens are finding the Therrish Beach Resort in Brgy. Tabuelan, Maravilla, Cebu, as a nice reprieve away from the bustling city and nearing paradise!

  • Bacalla Woods Campsite Cebu: Nature-lovers’ Paradise

    The Bacalla Woods Campsite is an awesome place to unwind away from the fuzz and buzz of the city. Here, you can admire some of the most stunning mountain views San Fernando has to offer. With an elevation of more than 240 meters above sea level, the campsite lies near the slopes of Mt. Alpaco. You can also find the majestic Bugho Falls near the campsite.

  • Baguio de Cebu Eco Mountain Adventures, Balamban: The Little Baguio Of Cebu

    Just like Baguio City in Northern Luzon, this amazing mountain view destination in Balamban, Cebu is teeming with pine trees, has a lower surrounding temperature, spectacular natural sceneries, and lots of outdoor adventures to boot!

  • Beach bumming in Bantayan

    Bantayan Island is a little less than one hundred square miles in size, it’s regarded as one of the most beautiful islands in the world because of its crystal clear ocean waters and an immaculately clean shoreline of powdery white sands.

  • Beach Bumming in Basdaku White Beach Moalboal

    The Basdaku White Beach in Moalboal is a kilometer stretch of white sandy beach with immaculately crystal clear blue waters. This public beach offers a great reprieve from the fast-paced lifestyle of the city. Here, you can have great water adventures (such as snorkeling, kayaking, scuba diving, kite surfing, beach volleyball, surf fishing, and so much more) where you can rent out gears nearby.

  • Boardwalk in Malhiao Badian

    The Malhiao Boardwalk located in Brgy. Malhiao, Badian, is a 300-meter walkway that ends in a viewing deck where you can witness a “forest enveloped under the trees’ leafy confines and overarching branches”, as one of the boardwalk’s enthusiasts’ described the place. The Malhiao Boardwalk was built in partnership between Badian’s LGU and the Seacology in order to protect and conserve the barangay’s remaining 73-hectare mangrove. Your visit to this place might save the mangroves on which the boardwalk’s main target is to sustain tourism and stop the illegal logging of the mangroves in the area.

  • Buwakan Ni Alejandra

    As Cebu’s new pride and gem, the Buwakan Ni Alejandra (Alejandra’s Flower Garden) is now ruling the airwaves of Gaas, Balamban, Cebu. Launched in May 2017, this brand new flower paradise of attraction at the heart of Balamban is taking the netizens by storm. Comprised mainly of different and colorful flowers, the charming and yet adorable nirvana of vivid flowers arranged in fantastic sight is just a few minutes drive from downtown Cebu City (only 32km from the city).

  • Cebu City’s Newest Tambayan: Bukid Restobar Busay

    Bukid Restobar is a great place to unwind away from the glitters of the city while you and the family will be able to breathe a dash of fresh air while enjoying authentic and affordable Filipino food. The awesome Bukid Restobar is a terrific inclusion for your Cebu Uphill Tour. This resto-bar is easily accessible via the Cebu Transcentral Highway and just a few minutes away from downtown Cebu City and Mandaue City.

  • Cebu Safari and Adventure Park: The Philippines’ Largest Animal Parks and Zoo

    Welcome to the feral world of the animals! Welcome to the Wild! Touted to be the biggest zoo in the Philippines and one that has global standards, the Cebu Safari and Adventure Parks can rival the world’s animal parks and zoos.

  • Cebu’s Sirao Pictorial Garden & Camping Site: A Charming Setting for Fabulous Selfies

    Sirao Pictorial Garden & Camping Site is just 100 meters away from the original Sirao Flower Farm. Aside from different types of colorful flowers, PGCS has more to offer; such as a camping site, a few bird species, and lots of butterflies, bunnies, and an infinity pool. The flower farm cum campsite has lots of picturesque spots which are all IG-worthy.

  • Descansohan Ni Onyol: Newest Cebu City ‘Tambayan’ for only P50 Entrance Fee

    If you can’t find time visiting Cebu’s out-of-town attractions, you might as well spend quality time after work that is just nearby from your workplace in Cebu City. The ‘Descansohan Ni Onyol’ (literally means ‘Onyol’s place to relax’) in Brgy. Guba, Cebu City, is just a stone’s throw away from downtown but the place is full of verdant and lush greens where the air is fresh and pure.

  • Dr. Emilio Osmeña Botanical Garden Resort Busay

    Just a couple of kilometers away from the famed Terrazas de Flores; the Dr. Emilio Osmeña Botanical Garden Resort is one of Cebu’s newest uphill destinations. This site is just 20 to 30 minutes away from downtown Cebu City via the Cebu Transcentral Highway. Aside from the botanical garden with various plant species and blooming flowers, the place has other amenities; such as a swimming pool, mountain slides, tables and cottages, and rooms (pyramid sheds/shades).

  • Florentino’s Eco Park: The Little Tagaytay of Cebu

    In Brgy. Gaas, Balamban, Cebu, you will feel a cooler climate and foggy ambiance while enjoying a slash dining bistro in an Eco Park called Florentino’s. This thriving ecological park is dubbed as the “Little Tagaytay of Cebu” because of its breathtaking mountain views and chilling weather, minus, of course, a volcano within a lake.

  • Green Adventure: Bojo River at Aloguinsan Cebu

    Located on the western seaboard of the province of Cebu, and 72 km from Cebu City, Bojo River boasts of rich diversity protected by the government’s Nature Reserve. Aside from diverse marine life, the riverbanks are home to more than 61 bird species, some are endemic to the place.

  • Happy Beach Cebu

    Happy Beach Cebu

    The Happy Beach Cebu is a water playground that is currently the talk of the town. This 16-room boutique resort will have its soft opening on December 15, 2018, while the Inflatable Island opening is on January 2019. The resort promises to be featuring Instagrammable sceneries amid the blue waters of Mactan Island.

  • Jelly Haven Resort, Bantayan: A Lovely Place to Smile & Take Snapshots

    Going north of Cebu will bring you to the Jelly Haven Resort in Bantayan Island. This charming beach resort is not your typical white sand beach in Cebu. Jelly Haven is definitely a haven for selfie lovers who want distinct environs perfect for eye-catching photos. Bantayan Island is the new emerging destination in northern Cebu and well-known for its pristine beaches, especially in Brgy. Sta. Fe, island hopping, and beach bumming adventure, the Jelly Haven Resort offers a unique ambiance.

  • Kawasan Canyoneering

    Canyoneering in Matutinao Valley with its numerous small waterfalls and fresh water pools. Flex your muscles going upstream to the top, free climb up, struggling against the force of the waterfalls and in the cool and clear waters of the river swim against the current.

  • La Vie in the Sky: Cebu’s most Instagrammable restaurant

    Remember the La Vie Parisienne in Lahug, Cebu City, the undisputed Little Paris of Cebu? Well, it has a counterpart in Brgy. Busay in Cebu City that seems floats in the sky. This new mountain-top winery and restaurant is located in the sloped terrain along Busay Road. The La Vie in the Sky has the most idyllic spots perfect for photoshoots while you dine and wine amidst the sky.

  • La Vie Parisienne: Love the “Little Paris” of Cebu City

    You don’t need to go to Paris to experience Parisian delicacies, bread & pastries, wine, and other French favorites. The La Vie Parisienne can make you feel you are in France where their delicious pastries and beverages are not just the place’s crowd-drawer. The La Vie Parisienne, dubbed as the Little Paris of Cebu City, is a local French bakery and deli shop in Lahug, Cebu City, with a dining experience that offers a unique Parisian ambiance perfect for selfies.

  • Lava Mountain River Farm

    Welcome to another wonderful resort just a few minutes away from downtown Cebu City. The Lava Mountain River Farm is just a 45-minute drive from Cebu City and offers grand mountain reprieve perfect for family gatherings, weddings, corporate team building venue or just to while away your time with friends and family. Feel the farm’s unique mountain view ambiance and let your eyes feast with the vicinity’s natural beauty.

  • Look: Dapdap’s floating cottages in Badian Cebu

    Do you want to spend your day floating in crystal-clear water just south of Cebu City? Succumb to the elegance of Dapdap’s floating cottages where you can have a sumptuous lunch (you can bring your food and drinks but clean as you go). There are 3 floating cottages where the biggest one can accommodate about 50 persons while the other 2 can hold 30 people each.

  • Mactan Island Hopping

    You talk of Cebu, you’re talking beaches. The best islands and destination perhaps are on our random lists. These are our ideal destinations: Pandanon Island, Nalusuan Island, Hilutungan Island and Olango Island.

  • Naga City Boardwalk Cebu

    In an attempt to boost tourism in the area, Naga City, Cebu, introduces the Marine Boardwalk in late 2017. Naga City is less than 20km southwest of downtown Cebu City and one of the most industrialized cities in the province of Cebu. Also known as the Naga Boardwalk & Park, this Php62-million bay walk project is just meters away from Naga City Hall amid the backdrop of Cebu Strait.

  • Neri’s Ville Selfie Corner: Cebu City’s Newest Attraction

    Do you want the most “instagrammable” sites and settings just north of Cebu City? Experience the grandeur of the Neri’s Ville Selfie Corner, a beautiful sanctuary on the outskirts of Cebu City.

  • Oslob Whale Sharks Watching Or… Swimming With Them

    Tanawan, Oslob in the south eastern part of Cebu is now famously known as the site for experiencing the rare sight of amazing whale sharks diving in and out and playing in the ocean. It is during the good weather, when the water is clear that these whale sharks come out.

  • Paragliding in Oslob

    Did you know that there is an extreme sport that you can do in Oslob? Why not actually? Paragliding is one of Oslob’s newly emerging adventures that could be done in the high cliffs of Brgy. Daanlungsod, Oslob, Cebu. The site is less than 5km from the popular Tumalog Falls and could be accessed via the Natalio Bacalso Highway.

  • Pescador Island Hopping in Moalboal

    The Pescador Island is a marine park situated on the Tañon Strait, about 2km southwest from the nearest shore of the mainland town of Moalboal. The island reef’s underwater feature has a sandy slope covered with soft coral reaching 5 to 10 meters, followed by a wall covered with hard corals dropping down to about 40 meters. The western side of the island can be found an open-top underwater cave dubbed as the “Cathedral”.

  • Sundaze Farm Nature Getaway in Carcar Cebu

    Sitting on a 1.7-hectare of lush space and abundant vegetation, the Sundaze Farm is not your usual hangout; the farm is absolutely stunning on its garden setting, fabulous landscaping, and fresh air. The views are really worth a spot on Instagram while the main features are best described as “out-of-this-world”.
    What’s new in Sundaze Farm?

  • Swim with the turtles in Moalboal

    By snorkeling or scuba diving in Panagsama Beach in Brgy. Basdiot in mainland Moalboal (a white sand beach resort overlooking the Tañon Strait and the Pescador Island), you can spot or swim with different species of sea turtles along the shore. The Panagsama Beach is a haven for scuba diving enthusiasts with its rich marine biodiversity where each section has its own unique settings and sightings.

  • Temple Of Leah

    Just like the world famous Taj Mahal and the dubbed Bridge of Love (San Juanico Bridge), Temple of Leah also professes the eternal love of Teodorico Adarna to his late wife Leah Villa Albino-Adarna.

  • The Cebu Ocean Park (Oceanarium & Convention Area)

    The oceanarium is the first marine park in the Visayas and Mindanao featuring various sea animals (200 species) in one location, along with several species of birds, insects, and reptiles. The park is set to have its soft opening in December 2018, in lieu of the coming Christmas season.

  • The Outdoor Perspective Camp

    The Outdoor Perspective Camp (or most popularly known as OP Camp) is the former OP Café located in the Mango Square Parking Lot in Cebu City. The former café moved to its new home in Brgy. Tuyom, Carcar City, Cebu. The camp is just a few meters away from the shore of Cebu Strait and is full of grown-up trees. At the OP Camp, you can set up a tent to spend the night or hang a hammock just to laze and enjoy nature with friends or families. Children are allowed inside the camp but they should be accompanied by adults at all times.

  • The Refreshing Kawasan Falls

    The Kawasan falls consist of three waterfalls, the first one is the largest. The other two are uphill, where water from the first came from them. The Kawasan falls is a “horsetail” (descending water maintains some contact with bedrock) type of waterfall, the area though had some sign of development.

  • The Samboan’s Kawa Hot Bath

    Imagine being “cooked” in a giant cauldron (or Kawa) at 40C for 45 minutes, while you are “soaked” in steaming hot water with a choice of herbs and essential oils to release the panuhot from your body. All of this while viewing a grand panorama of the sea (actually, you are poised to admire the Negros Island and the Tañon Strait as your stunning backdrop) while you are simmer. This experience is just like the Kawa Hot Bath in Tibiao, Antique.

  • The Sardine Run Experience in Moalboal Cebu

    The surrounding water of Pescador Island and nearby Panagsama Beach (some 300-400 meters away from the turtle site) are perfect homes for more than a million sardines which you can swim along with. The huge school of sardines is a fluttering sight to behold! The majestic shoals of fish move synchronously as if they are being led by a gentle invisible force while you admire their movements.

  • The Sirao Flower Farm

    Sirao Flower Farm is a hillside barangay in the outskirts of Cebu and its main attraction is the blooming of the Celosia flower which may last up to 10 weeks beginning with its blooming. The flowers come in different vivid colors and quite unique in this area.

  • The Taoist Temple

    Sitting on a high plane about 300 meters from sea level is this temple of worship for Taoism, a religion that adheres to the teaching of ancient Chinese philosopher, Lao Tze. One might see the entrance to the temple as a mini Great Wall of China, with a chapel within the grounds, a library, a souvenir shop and a wishing well.

  • Unspoiled Bakhawan Mangrove Cordova Cebu

    For just Php40 boat fee (round trip) and Php20 entrance fee (per head), you can experience a mangrove paradise in Cordova, Cebu. The pristine Bakhawan mangrove is just 20 minutes away from the mainland barangay of Buagsong in Cordova. This unexplored paradise is less than 2 hours away from Cebu City, not including the 20-minute boat ride. The place is just perfect for a quick hideaway from the buzz and fuzz of the city.

  • Upside Down World Cebu’s classic IG poses

    Planning to have Instagrammable poses upside down to impress your friends and even foes? Then come to Upside Down World Cebu in Mandaue City. Let the shop’s photographer capture the ultimate illusion of you or your loved ones hanging in the air as if you are the Amazing Spider-Man.

  • Virgin Island and Hilantagaan Island Hopping

    Catch one of Bantayan Island’s most sought-after islands: the rare Virgin Island located near the eastern side of the mainland of Bantayan. At this island, you can have a feast of activities that you can put on your itinerary.

  • Visit the First Theme Park in the Visayas: The Belmont One’s Anjo World Cebu

    That’s right, folks! There is now a world-class theme park right at the heart of Cebu. This amazing theme park is part of Belmont One, Cebu’s first integrated entertainment complex for the family located at the Calajoan Cebu South Road, Minglanilla, Cebu.

  • Waterworld Cebu, the Biggest in Mandaue City

    EON Group of Companies has set up shop in Mandaue City and builds the colossal Waterworld Cebu. The company is an Iloilo-based firm involved in real estate, hotel, and food manufacturing.

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