Amazing Cebu’s Top 5 Selfie Corners

24th June 2019

Cebu is really full of surprises! This island paradise province definitely never ceases to amaze everyone! If you want to ditch out (or integrate with other activities) Cebu’s white sand beaches, beach bumming, and island hopping for a while, you may relish the thrills of experiencing Cebu’s both natural and man-made wonders and catch the picture-perfect views with you or with the group. These places are tremendously worth your time for selfies and Instagrammble poses! Here are 5 of those immaculate sites in Cebu where you can spend a memorable time with friends or families and immortalize the event through selfies!


Happy Beach, Mactan

The Happy Beach Cebu is a water playground that is currently the talk of the town. This 16-room boutique resort will have its soft opening on December 15, 2018, while the Inflatable Island opening is on January 2019. The resort promises to be featuring Instagrammable and selfie-worthy sceneries amid the blue waters of Mactan Island.

This newest attraction in Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu, comes mostly in pink inflatable and will highlight the world-renowned Unicorn Island. The electrifying resort is brought to you by the builders of The Dessert Museum Manila and the Inflatable Island in Subic.

Attractions at Happy Beach

Bali Lounge
Floating Zoo
Animal Cabanas
Pink Pool
Happy Boat
Happy Room
Happy Jungle Lounge

Other info & introductory rates

The beach pass (day tour) includes whole day access to the different attractions (such as the Mactan Beach, Animal Cabanas, Floating Zoo, and Bali Lounge) costing only P669 per pax when you book online. Reservation is on a first come, first serve basis.

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Cebu’s Sirao Pictorial Garden & Camping Site: A Charming Setting for Fabulous Selfies

Sirao Pictorial Garden & Camping Site (Sirao PGCS) is just 100 meters away from the original Sirao Flower Farm. Aside from different types of colorful flowers, Sirao PGCS has more to offer; such as a camping site, a few bird species, and lots of butterflies, bunnies, and an infinity pool. The flower farm cum campsite has lots of picturesque spots which are all IG-worthy.

As the Sirao PGCS sits just beside the original Celosia Farm, it is just a fantastic experience to visit both, one after the other, and enjoy the frills of having two birds with just one shot!

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Jelly Haven Resort, Bantayan: A Lovely Place to Smile & Take Snapshots

Going north of Cebu will bring you to the Jelly Haven Resort in Bantayan Island. This charming beach resort is not your typical white sand beach in Cebu. Jelly Haven is definitely a haven for selfie lovers who want distinct environs perfect for eye-catching photos. Bantayan Island is the new emerging destination in northern Cebu and well-known for its pristine beaches, especially in Brgy. Sta. Fe, island hopping, and beach bumming adventure, the Jelly Haven Resort offers a unique ambiance.

The resort is located in Sta. Fe and has a huge white dome surrounded by artificial trees which light up the night giving a beautiful glow of sparkling brightness. There are also pastel umbrellas in stunning colors hanging around the beach. There are cabanas and native lounge chairs where guests can relax. The flawless white sand beach is totally clean and garbage-free that is why you can’t end the day without taking selfies in every part of the resort. The Jelly Haven Resort has accommodations and tents for rent if you want to spend the night along the beach.

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Neri’s Ville Selfie Corner: Cebu City’s Newest Attraction

Do you want the most “instagrammable” sites and settings just north of Cebu City? Experience the grandeur of the Neri’s Ville Selfie Corner, a beautiful sanctuary on the outskirts of Cebu City. Here, you could have endless selfies and get the most stunning views of the mountain. The site is actually at the northernmost tip of Cebu City in Brgy. Lusaran. This place is less than 6km southwest of Danao City and just a 10-minute ride north of Sirao Garden via Cebu Transcentral Highway. If you are coming from Cebu City, travel time is only a mere one hour to the north by private transport, jeepney, and habal-habal (motorcycle for rent with driver).

The Neri’s Ville Selfie Corner is primarily designed for selfie enthusiasts. The mini villa opened on September 7, 2018. However, some of its attractions are still under construction. The site features alluring sights that include breathtaking natural scenery and spectacular homes inspired by New Zealand’s Hobbit Houses. Neri’s Selfie Ville has also a Bali-themed backdrop that is so mesmerizing; you can feel the similar ambiance from this Indonesian attraction.

In the meantime, the small village offers a very cheap entrance fee of only Php50 per person. You can bring your own food as the villa don’t have a restaurant as of this moment. Additionally, since the site is under construction, there is no overnight accommodation yet.

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La Vie Parisienne: Love the “Little Paris” of Cebu City

You don’t need to go to Paris to experience Parisian delicacies, bread & pastries, wine, and other French favorites. The La Vie Parisienne can make you feel you are in France where their delicious pastries and beverages are not just the place’s crowd-drawer. The La Vie Parisienne, dubbed as the Little Paris of Cebu City, is a local French bakery and deli shop in Lahug, Cebu City, with a dining experience that offers a unique Parisian ambiance perfect for selfies.

La Vie Parisienne is conceptualized, owned, and managed by French businessmen who wanted to create a tropical French experience unique to Cebu and in any other places in the Philippines. Aside from authentic French delicacies and wines, the place has a similar design and architecture inspired by places seen only in Paris. The 2-story French shop had grown so fast after a year of operation and now becomes a truly European-style establishment.

La Vie Parisienne has a beautiful garden with cherry blossom trees with dazzling lights, French-style furniture, and colored chairs complimenting a romantic ambiance perfect while you eat and drink French food and wine. The shop has a Pink House that serves authentic French dining with Shanpelino wine and French bread. Moreover, La Vie Parisienne’s wine cellar has a mesmerizing look and contains hundreds of spirits coming from other parts of the world.

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