Business Focus: Island Travel XP Tours is already part of Cebu’s “landscape” of well-organized and affordable tours. Founded in 2018, Island Travel XP Tours was created with the objective of providing a new dimension to the concept of tourism service. Today, the agency grew to become one of the leading companies in the travel and tourism industry in the Philippines. The company relies on the experience of several dedicated professionals and courteous individuals responsible in ensuring unparalleled services integrated with offering the most up-to-date proposals about Cebu, Bohol, Palawan, Iloilo, and other premier Philippine destinations; and the most affordable hotels for your budget. Island Travel XP Tours is the exclusive partner of Cebu Republic Events and Tours website and Chasing since June 2018.

Our Vision: Island Travel XP Tours aspires to become the best in the industry as we have a team of travel experts and staff that provide exceptional services for our clients. We dreamed of giving our customers the trust they need and assured their satisfaction and come home to prepare for their next destination. We envision a Philippine where every Filipino could travel anywhere they want and for those foreign travelers to go back and admire every destination they reach.

Our Mission: We aim to exceed our customers’ expectations by providing them safe, affordable, enjoyable, and hard to forget tour experience. We are proud to promote Philippine tourism; especially Cebu, Palawan, Bohol, Iloilo, and other parts of Luzon, the Visayas, and Mindanao as eco-tourism destinations.

Why Choose Us?

Only we can customize your tour

Yes, there are a lot of tour packages being offered by various tour organizers in Cebu or anywhere else, but do they ask you what you want? Because here in Island Travel XP Tours, we are not only organizing interesting tours, we also hear the pulse of our customers. That is why we allow our guests to customize their tours as long as it is well within the itinerary. So next time you book, make sure that you are satisfied with the schedule, if not, you are free to make amendments to the itinerary; which can possibly lower your cost or make a little adjustment of the price. At the Island Travel XP Tours, everything is really organized!