10 Best Uphill Tour in Cebu City

16th August 2018

There might be something hidden in Cebu Uphill Tour that more tourists are discovering.

The Taoist Temple is one. This amazing edifice lies in a 300 meter (984 feet) rolling terrain in Beverly Hills Subdivision, Brgy. Lahug, Cebu City. The multi-tiered temple is a place of worship for Taoism, one of China’s most revered religions. The site is just a few minutes ride from downtown Cebu City.

TOP – Photo by: Oscar Machacon

Getting higher in the mountains of Cebu City to the north, you will find The TOPS of Cebu. This magnificent attraction is surely on top of the world! This mesmerizing viewing deck stands 762 meters (2,500 feet) above sea level in the mountain town of Busay, a Cebu municipality just north of downtown Cebu City. Here, you can see the beautiful panoramic views of the skyline of Cebu City, the mountains of Bohol, and the majestic island of Mactan.

Another attraction in Brgy. Busay is the enchanting Temple of Leah, less than 500 meters southeast of The Tops. Like the world famous Taj Mahal of India, the Temple of Leah is built as a grand gesture of love from a husband to his late wife. The 7-story temple, though, is a shrine holding the memory and treasures of Leah Albino-Adarna, the late wife of Teodorico Soriano Adarna, the grandparents of Filipina actress Ellen Adarna.

After witnessing one of the greatest loves of all, it’s now time for a more exciting Cebu Uphill Tour of the Terrazas De Flores Botanical Garden, just a few minutes ride from the Temple of Leah up north. This amazing botanical garden in Busay, Cebu, has stunning floral terraces where flowers and different plants are arranged with an awesome display. There is also cabanas for shade and a remarkable man-made waterfall.

Next stop is Sirao Flower Garden, a flower farm on top of a hill with amazing landscape, in Brgy. Sirao, Cebu City. The Sirao Garden is further up north from the Terrazas De Flores and a mere 20-minute drive from this botanical garden. Aside from the astounding collection of indigenous flowers and other breathtaking scenery, the farm has its own infinity pool where guests can dip and swim for a minimal fee. The pool sits on a hilltop with awesome views of downtown Cebu City.

The route to the Cebu Uphill Tour seems to be endless. Right after your visit at the Sirao Garden, the next stop in the itinerary is the Adventure Cafe & Zipline, still along Cebu’s Transcentral Highway, but this time in Brgy. Ga-as, Balamban, Cebu. This unique destination is the first resto bar adventure cafe in the Philippines offering several adrenaline pumping activities: you can do zip lining at your own expense; wall climbing; and rappelling, among others. Then, dine with their offered sumptuous meals at very reasonable prices.

Right across the famed Adventure Cafe is the next spot in our Cebu Uphill Tour itinerary: The Florentino’s Eco-Park, also known as the “Little Tagaytay of Cebu”. The site is just a few steps across Adventure Cafe & Zipline so you don’t have to ride another minute. The cool breeze, inspiring mountain views, and the amazing natural environment (plus the foggy ambiance) on this Eco-park truly mimic Tagaytay City in Cavite. This slash dining bistro is the newest attraction of Cebu City where you can have selfies on its beautiful gardens, eat and dine on the cottages (you may bring your own food), and frolic around the site for the views to die for. All of these for a minimal fee.

Less than 100 meters up north is the next stop for the Cebu Uphill Tour: the Buwakan ni Alejandra in Bgry. Ga-as, Balamban, Cebu. This another superb flower garden in Cebu has vivid colors and the newest flower garden farm that now attracts thousands of visitors a week. The farm sits on a 700sqm of land and is perched at the side of a mountain.

If you think you have visited all of Cebu’s Uphill destinations, think again! There is more. On your way downhill in Cebu’s Transcentral Highway, you will find the Strawberry de Cantipla Eco Farm (near the Sirao Farm) in Brgy. Tabunan, Cebu City. The Eco-farm offers strawberry-flavored shakes, pancakes, and burgers. You can also pick strawberries right inside the farm and pay for them.

Here’s another of Balamban, Cebu’s coolest adventure to date: The JVR Island in the Sky Resort. Don’t ever miss this stunning mountain resort in Brgy. Gaas, Balamban whenever you have the time to avail of our Cebu Uphill Tour. The JVR Island in the Sky Resort has an astounding landscape, a cool climate, a colorful hanging bridge, cable car, swimming pool with slide (unfortunately, the pool is open only on Sunday. The resort has rooms to stay in when you decide to spend the night. With minimal entrance fee, you will enjoy a mountain resort adventure of a lifetime.

What Awaits You in the Uphill Tour

  • Be treated of a convenient Cebu tour and trouble-free travel with our tour’s private transport
  • Feel the warmth and gentleness of the Cebuano’s while visiting the mountains of Busay and Balamban
  • Be mesmerize of the landscape and beautiful garden at Sirao Flower Farm, Buwakan ni Alejandra, Terrazas de flores and Florentino’s Eco Park
  • Be delighted of the scenes at the Taoist Temple, the magnificence of the Temple of Leah and TOPS
  • Feel the convenience of an air-conditioned transportation while you hop from site to site
  • Make your every tour of Cebu the most memorable one

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